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Eset Xopero Backup and Recovery Software
  • Eset Xopero Backup and Recovery Software
  • Eset Xopero Backup and Recovery Software
  • Eset Xopero Backup and Recovery Software
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Eset Xopero Backup and Recovery Software

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Product Code 6537
Brand Eset

Key Features

  • Model: Eset Xopero Backup and Recovery
  • Endpoint, Server, Mobile & Virtual machine backup
  • Backup of Databases, mailboxes, and network drives
  • Onsite & offsite backup
  • Disaster recovery
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Eset Xopero Backup and Recovery Software

The ESET Xopero Backup and Recovery Software offers a comprehensive suite of features tailored to safeguard critical business data efficiently, complete with remote management capabilities. It provides robust solutions for businesses of all sizes, ensuring comprehensive protection for diverse computing environments, including endpoints, servers, mobile devices, and virtual machines. Xopero stands out with its ability to backup databases, mailboxes, and network drives securely, including specific support for Microsoft Exchange environments. It facilitates system state backup, VHD, image, and tape backups, catering to varying backup needs. With options for onsite and offsite backup, disaster recovery, and site-to-site replication, Xopero ensures business continuity and data redundancy. Its bare-metal recovery capabilities enable swift restoration of entire systems, while smart recovery mechanisms prioritize critical data for faster restoration. As a leading producer of backup solutions in Europe, Xopero Software serves diverse sectors including SMBs, public administration, banking, finance, education, healthcare, telecommunications, and IT. Integrated within the ESET Technology Alliance, Xopero seamlessly collaborates with solutions like Xopero Cloud, Xopero QNAP Appliance, and Xopero Backup & Restore, offering scalable, optimized, and versatile backup solutions. In essence, ESET Xopero Backup and Recovery Software delivers a user-friendly, dependable, and comprehensive solution to the evolving challenges of data protection, ensuring peace of mind for businesses across industries.

Xopero Cloud

The Xopero Cloud is a new generation of cloud backup solutions that combines enterprise security and fast recovery to keep your data safe and accessible no matter what. Advanced cloud backup for computers, servers, and virtual environments, Xopero offers comprehensive data protection: from a single laptop or smartphone, through to servers, databases, mailboxes, and virtual machines. Xopero Cloud provides advanced online backup services for unlimited computers, mobile devices, databases, and physical and virtual environments. Once installed, it offers a comprehensive solution for protecting critical files, enabling you to fully manage backup processes and monitor their accuracy. It supports a wide range of devices, including servers, endpoints, mobile devices, and virtual systems. Centralized management allows for seamless control of all backup tasks, ensuring simple and fast data migration. The use of AES 256 encryption guarantees that your data remains secure and inaccessible without permission. Additionally, Xopero Cloud offers advanced data synchronization and long-term data storage and archiving using twin locations, ensuring your data is always protected and available when needed.

Xopero QNAP Appliance

The Xopero QNAP Appliance is tailor-made for QNAP devices, offering a dedicated, centrally managed backup solution specifically designed to safeguard your QNAP network drives. Acting as your private backup hub, once installed on a QNAP device, it transforms into a comprehensive solution for fortifying your critical files, facilitating the creation of a secure backup ecosystem within your company. With its intuitive interface and comprehensive management capabilities, you can remotely oversee backups, monitor their accuracy, and configure all accounts and applications across your workstations and servers effortlessly. Easy to configure and deploy, you can have the solution up and running within minutes, streamlining data storage, automatic backups, and central management into one seamless system. Ensuring the swift recovery of your company's vital data, it covers a wide array of elements including files, folders, endpoints, servers, databases, mail accounts, network locations, and virtual environments, providing comprehensive protection for your digital assets.

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