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Chipset Intel® X299
Supported Processors The Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 3.0 Support Depends on the CPU types.
Intel® Socket 2066 Core™ X-Series Processors |
Supports AMD 3-Way CrossFireX™ Technology
Supports AMD Quad-GPU CrossFireX™ Technology
Supports AMD 2-Way CrossFireX Technology
Supports NVIDIA® 2-Way SLI™ Technology
Supports NVIDIA® 3-Way SLI™ Technology
Supports NVIDIA® Quad-GPU SLI™ Technology
Max Memory 8 x DIMM, Max. 128GB, DDR4 3200(O.C.)/4000(O.C.)/2800(O.C.)/3466(O.C.)/2666/3866(O.C.)/3733(O.C.)/3600(O.C.)/3400(O.C.)/2400/3300(O.C.)/4133(O.C.)/3333(O.C.)/2133 MHz Un-buffered, Non-ECC Memory
Intel® Core™ X-series Processors (6-core above)
4 x DIMM, Max. 64GB, DDR4 3466(O.C.)/3200(O.C.)/2400/3300(O.C.)/3866(O.C.)/3400(O.C.)/4133(O.C.)/3600(O.C.)/4000(O.C.)/3733(O.C.)/2666/3333(O.C.)/2133/2800(O.C.) MHz Un-buffered, Non-ECC Memory
Onboard Audio 8-Channel High Definition Audio CODEC S1220A SupremeFX
Audio Feature :
- Sonic Radar III
- Premium Japanese-made audio capacitors: Provide warm, natural and immersive sound with exceptional clarity and fidelity
- Sonic Studio III
- Optical S/PDIF out port(s) at back panel
- Dedicated audio PCB layers: Separate layers for left and right channels to guard the quality of the sensitive audio signals
- SupremeFX Shielding™ Technology
SNR stereo playback input and 120 dB 113 dB - High quality SNR stereo playback output
- Supports up to 32-Bit/192kHz playback *2
- Impedance sense for front and rear headphone outputs
- Dual Headphone Amplifiers
- Supports : Front Panel Jack-retasking, Multi-streaming, Jack-detection
- SupremeFX Shielding Technology
Onboard LAN Intel® I219V
Anti-surge LANGuard
ROG GameFirst IV
Warranty 3 Years