MacBook Pro vs. MacBook Air: Which One Should You Buy?

Are you thinking of bringing a change in your style? Want to get upgraded to the Apple’s latest collections? Confused about what to choose to compliment your style and also to fulfill your demands? So many questions hover around your mind whenever you think of making a choice!

You are just at the right place to clear up all your confusions and get properly guided towards your choice! Star Tech has all the answers to your queries as we believe in making life simple.

Currently, the market demand is hitting on the MacBook collections where you can choose between MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.  There is definitely nothing to get confused about which one to choose as we have sorted down some points to give you a clearer view towards your choice so that you find your compatible match!

When you plan of buying a MacBook, all you think about is its performance level, the battery life, its display, the graphics, its portability and of course the last but certainly not the least is its design as of how well does it go with your style.

MacBook comes with glossy and robust aluminium designs, outstanding keyboards and touch-pads with long battery life and a user friendly operating system which keeps your documents in sync through multiple Apple devices.


Macbook Performance
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Talking about the performance level, MacBook Pro has taken the lead over MacBook Air. Yes, 15-inch MacBook Pro with the combination of its quad-core Core i7 CPU and optional AMD R9 M370X graphics has scored the highest in various experiments, leaving other Mac laptops behindhand. This is just the right choice for the professionals who are looking for the best MacBook considering the performance level to meet their demands. Nevertheless, the 13-inch MacBook Pro can also stand up with a very good performance.

Battery Life

Macbook Battery life
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This is a very important section to put light upon. What is the benefit of having a MacBook with great performance and superb graphics if the battery life is not just up to the mark! Just think about your MacBook running out of battery every now and then or just imagine your MacBook to get turned off in the middle of something really important. Then how do you think you would feel? Of course, no one would ever like to face something like that.

The updated 13-inch MacBook Air is one of the longest-running laptops. It lasted for 14 hours on the Laptop Mag battery test, which includes unremitting Web surfing over WI-Fi. The 13-inch MacBook Pro lasted a little more than 12 hours on the same test. The 15-inch MacBook Pro’s 9 hours of durability makes it one of the longest-running laptops with that size display. The new 12-inch MacBook lasts to some extent longer than the 11-inch MacBook Air.

Therefore, while making your choice do think about how compatible you want your MacBook to be as per the battery life they come with.


MacBook Retina Display
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MacBooks differ in terms of display which you can notice through the resolution and colour qualities. The quality of the display can never be measured considering the size of it. For example, the 13-inch MacBook Air has a fairly low 1440 x 900 pixels while the new, smaller 12-inch MacBook sports a 2304 x 1440-pixel panel. Which means that, even though the MacBook has a smaller screen yet it comes up with a sharper picture. The 13-inch and 15-inch Retina MacBooks have even sharper screens at 2560 x 1600 and 2800 x 1800 pixels, respectively. While the 15-inch MacBook Pro has a higher resolution than the 13-inch Pro. The 12-inch MacBook has a sharper display than the 13-inch Air.

It really does not matter whether you’re watching videos, flipping through photos on social networking sites or editing in Photoshop, colour scale plays an important role. Thus, do not just go for the size of the display as size does not matter always.


Macbook graphics AMD Radeon
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The 15-inch MacBook Pro again takes the lead in this section with the AMD Radeon R9 M370X graphics configuration which makes quick work of photo and video editing, making the machine the best choice for creative pros. So if you are up for editing issues then this is just the one for you.


Portable Apple Macbook
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When you are planning to buy a laptop, of course you would think about its portability as you definitely need to carry your one along with you. The 12-inch MacBook is very compact and light and seems like an iPad when it is kept closed and a weight of just 2.03 pounds makes it pretty easy to be carried around. The 11-inch Air is 2.4 pounds while the 13-inch MacBook Air is about a pound heavier than the 12-inch MacBook. The 3.5-pound, 13-inch MacBook Pro is rather weighty given its screen size whereas the 4.5-pound, 15-inch MacBook Pro is among the lightest in its class of 15-inch notebooks.

Before bringing Mac in your family, go through the criteria to understand which specific model can meet your demands. The Air is for the people looking for swift performance with long battery life in a lightweight machine. Power users and photo and video editors should step up for the 13- or 15-inch MacBook Pro. While the 15-inch Pro is really the only choice for those looking for workstation-class performances.