8 Compelling Reasons to buy All in One PC


Technology has taken the lead role in today’s life in the form of different gadgets. Starting from smartphones and tablets or PCs and laptops or even to the evolution of the tablet PC, there are plenty of options to choose from.

If you prefer a computer, then one of the solutions to meet all your necessities could be an all in one PC. As you can be served with whatever your requirements tend to be.

An all in one computer is a desktop computer that has all its components built into a single display box. In other words, the monitor of an all in one PC also contains the CPU, speakers, mic, webcam, DVD drive and what not making its construction compact.

The only external peripherals for such a PC is usually a wireless keyboard and mouse.

The reasons why you should prefer buying an all in one PC are as follows:

They occupy pretty small area

Though you will be getting a larger display with an all in one computer, the genuine size of the PC will be reduced. As for example, you will not be required any extra space for accommodating other components as you can set the all in one computer up on virtually any desk or anywhere as per your choice and have plenty of room to work. Still you can accord a keyboard and a mouse to the computer for a traditional practice or you are most welcome to use a USB connection to go wireless and still be amazingly prolific.

They are very much handy

Let it be ASUS, Lenovo, Dell or HP does not really matter what brand you go for but the models of all in one computer is just one solution to all your problems and queries so carrying an all in one computer would not make you feel anything else than you carrying your other gadgets like tablets. Whereas, the traditionally PC has nothing to offer you anything similar to that.

No need of buying a monitor

One of the top reasons to purchase an all-in-one PC is that everything comes within itself, and there’s certainly no need of purchasing a separate monitor (or other peripherals.) With LCD screens becoming thinner and more upgraded, it is possible to assimilate the internal parts of the computer into the screen itself.

Touch screen models to provide you with the best experience
Having the option of touch screen gives you the advantage of using any app with a complete satisfaction. You can use it simply as like you would use a tablet.

Ease of Use

Whenever buying a computer from somewhere always one thing keeps on banging in the head that is installing it at home on your own. It can be considered as a load to get the right cables paired with the right machineries to certify that the computer will run efficiently. If by mistake the wrong cable gets connected or any component gets missing then that not only creates problem but definitely will increase your load. However, with an all-in-one computer, it’s as simple as plugging it into the wall and turning it on. Also, all-in-one PCs are designed in such a way that the ports are located in suitable places, so that it’s easy to connect the accessories.

Reduced power consumption and heat generation

All-in-one PCs take advantage of the benefits of laptops, without sacrificing computing power using similar components as a laptop. The components within generate less heat. Which inclines to the fact of savings, in terms of cost for powering the PC and keeping workspaces cool, and of course it’s good for the surrounding as well.

Cable Mess Omitted

Installing a desktop PC at home or at the workplace involves lots of dealings with the cables. For every connection there is separate cables. The cables make you more confused and definitely create a messy situation whereas all-in-one PCs are made to reduce your tension and worries and thus dealing with cables is just a matter of choice and nothing mandatory. In most cases, the only cables are the power cable and the mouse and keyboard cables then again those cables can get ridden off by using wireless keyboard or mouse.


Talking about style and pattern definitely all in one PCs are the best-looking desktops in the market these days. It really does not matter for what purpose you are going to use your computer but certainly the looks do matter a lot. You will find mental satisfaction whenever you will see the sleek and trendy outlook of the all in one PCs.

Computers these days not only allow people to live more productive but also help them to add more fun in their lives. Every single thing has its own way and different characteristics and yet we look for the better options in life with ups and downs. Computers can make tasks easier and all in one PCs can also make your life easier.

Startech believes in making life easier and definitely better. Therefore, it comes up with a vast range of all in one PCs in different brands and models of course with various specifications and moreover something to add glitters to your lives.

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