Sony HXR-MC1500P Shoulder Mount PAL AVCHD Camcorder

Sony HXR-MC1500P Shoulder Mount PAL AVCHD Camcorder

Sony HXR-MC1500P Shoulder Mount PAL AVCHD Camcorder

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  • Sony HXR-MC1500P
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Product Code: Sony HXR-MC1500P
Brand: Sony

HXR-MC1500P gives you shooting options fit for any professional.

With an ergonomical shoulder mount design, both HD and SD recording through either the built-in 32GB flash memory, Memory Stick™ or SD card, you get to enjoy unlimited flexibility.

Whether shooting a corporate communications promotion on a budget, a concert, music video or a wedding, the HXR-MC1500P offers a wide variety of features necessary for serious videographers. While still light and easily portable, actors, performers and clients know you mean business when you’re carrying a full-size camcorder on your shoulder.

When your wedding party moves indoors it’s time to switch on your camcorder battery light to maintain good colour quality and remove shadows from your subjects’ faces. Mounting your camcorder on a tripod allows you to zoom in on the speaker at a business conference and avoid distracting camera movement.

Footage can be recorded directly onto a removable memory card in HD, high definition or SD, standard definition.

A 32 GB hard-wired internal flash memory storage system on board the HXR-MC1500P, enables longer duration continuous recording. Perfect for those occasions where you don’t want to be stopping the camera, such as music concerts or business conference presentations.

This tapeless front-end solution for video acquisition is an ideal match for any type of non-linear editing system workflow.

The HXR-MC1500P gives you a cost-effective production package for DVD or Blu-ray content, that’s flexible enough to express your creative ideas and meet your client’s requirements.

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