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MacGreen MG-1000-EPS IPS

MacGreen MG-1000-EPS IPS

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  • MG-1000-EPS
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Product Code: MG-1000-EPS
Brand: Mac Green
Power 600W
Voltage 230VAC
Voltage Range 190-250VAC (UPS Mode) 140-280VAC( Inverter mode)
Voltage Regulation( Batt mode) 230VAC+/-10%
Transfer Time Typical 3-4ms
Floating Charge Voltage 27+/-0.5VDC
Charging Current Upto 20Amp
Warranty 1 Year

MacGreen Emergency Power Supplies (EPS) or Inverters help consumer to have power available at the time of Power Black-outs. Mac Green Inverters are suitable to provide long battery back up’s up to 5-8 hrs for your home/ SOHO appliances. These also can be used in Hospitals, SME’s and any other place which needs to be powered/ lighted in absence of power.

EPS is a device which has in-built charger to charge the battery when utility power supply is available. On power failure or black out, this stored DC power is converted to AC power with the help of Inverter inside EPS. The State of Art design MacGreen EPS is capable of supplying stabilized voltage to devices connected to it, when mains power supply is present. Due to its high capacity charger, it can charge high capacity batteries in short duration, which can be used for longer back up in absence of power failure, to devices connected to it.

MacGreen EPS is sleek in size due to its unique HF technology and yet able to deliver high power for all kinds of electrical and electronic devices connected to it

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